Puppies require at least the second round of puppy shots in order to participate in our services.

All dogs must be current on Rabies Vaccination 72 hours before the scheduled groom.

Please note that prex vary by the size, breed, coat condition, requested hairstyle, and behavior of your pet. The cost of service can vary with each visit depending on your pet�€™s condition. In order to provide stress-free grooming, it is recommended to have your pet groomed often. The cleaner and mat-free the coat, the less work that needs to be done during the groom. Your pet will love you for it!

Cancellations: Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment

Fleas: If any flea is present on your pet, we will require a flea clean up fee. This ensures other pets do not get fleas and it keeps the salon clean. The cost will vary depending on the severity of fleas. The fee is $10-$20.

Medical Issues: Please state any medical problems your pet may have. This includes arthritis, seizures, chronic skin or ear problems, blindness, deafness, etc. We want to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable for his or her groom.

Matted Pets: We want all pets to look their best. However, if this means sacrificing comfort for looks, we will not do it. We will demat ears and tail if they are brushed out easily. If they are severely matted, they will be shaved. Severe matting on the body (mats that cannot be brushed out) or any type of matting that causes discomfort for your pet in the dematting process will be scissored or shaved. We strive to make your pet look great in comfort, we will do our best to keep as much hair as possible. We will contact you prior to any shaving that causes a drastic difference in the look of your pet.

Accidents and Emergencies: In the case of an emergency or accident, we will take your pet to the nearest veterinarian. If you prefer for us to take your pet to a specific veterinarian, please indicate this during drop off. Veterinary bills from matting, old-age, or preexisting conditions will be the responsibility of the owner.

Behavior Issues Behavior problems are alleviated or eliminated with frequent visits due to desensitization training, then this fee will be waived. If your pet poses a danger to themselves or to persons employed by Royal Paws Pet salon, this will result in dismissal from services.

Shaving Double Coats/Short Coats: The coat may grow in uneven, patchy, or never grow back to the correct coat. Some pets recover from a shave, but other pets may have issues with shaving.

Form of payments accepted: Cash, Credit Card (no American Express), Debit Cards �€“ no checks!